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Onboard Clients With A
Value-Added Step

Build Roadmaps
Track Progress
Manage Teams

Estimate, Build & Manage
Your Next Projects

With Flito, you can now onboard your clients with more insights and transparency.
Provide your customers with budget estimations, development timelines, project roadmaps, flexible team options, one-click invoicing and many more lead magnet facilities – all with one platform!

Transparent Tracking

Provide transparent tracking between your clients and your team members.
Assign Customizable Teams
Manage Development Timeline
AI Powered Cost Estimator For Your Clients (You have full control over it as well!)
AI Powered Task & Sprint Prioritization
Assign And Manage Tasks & Developers
Allow Clients To Share Priorities & Feedbacks
Provide In-Depth Analytics & Upsell Suggestions

Let Clients Choose

Allow your clients the complete flexibility of choosing what they want in their app.
100+ Pre-Listed Features For Mobile & Web Apps
Add/Edit Features, Set Your Desired Hours, Rates and More!
AI Calculated Development Hours For Each Feature
Allow Customers To Suggest New Feature Development
Define Variations For Development incl. MVP, V1, Beta-Release & More!
Let Clients Prioritise Featues For Build Variations (AI Does It Too For Them!)

Build Roadmaps, Share Visions

Build or generate roadmaps for projects, based on user-stories and share across your teams and customers.
Advanced Drag-&-Drag Roadmap Builder
Manage Roadmaps For Multiple Build Variants
Assigns Features To Individual Screens For Better Comminicationa Between Teams & Clients
Attach Screens With Figma Designs
Quick Development Overview Based On Individual Screens
Let Your Team And The Client Shave Feedbacks Over Roadmaps & Screens
One-Click Generate User-Stories Based On Roadmap and Vice-Versa!

Seamlessly Manage Teams & Projects

Easily manage multiple projects and teams – under one roof.
Manage more than 20 projects/clients.
Manage 100+ Team Members Of Your Organization.
Allow Clients To Invite Their Own Team-Memebrs like Co-Founders, Designers etc.
Allow Clients To Reward Bonuses To You Or Individual Team Members On Milestone Completion.
Get Detailed Performance Report of Team Members.
Manage Projects as Admin Or Share Admin Rights To Individual Members as per Clients' Requirements.

Invoicing Made Easy

Build or generate roadmaps for projects, based on user-stories and share across your teams and customers.
Generate & Send Invoices With One Click!
Generate Invoices Based On Hourly Rats, Fixed Price, Subscription & More!
Generate Invoices Based For Refunds, Failed Payments, Due-Charges & More!
Auto-Generate Invoices On Milestone Ends, Task Completion etc.
Set Up Automated Emails for Invoices, Task Updates, Task Assignments & More!
Set up Tax-Rates, Additional Transaction Fees and/or Other Chargable Items In Your Invoices.
Set Up Payment/Salary Disbursment For Your Employees.

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